Call For Papers

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Medicine and Law have been two important subjects  throughout human history. Wile one is  is working to ensure that people are physically good, the other one  is playing an indispensable role to sustain social order and health. As  serious awareness of human health is  being raised,  health methods, tools  and health professionals are also improving in the quality and quantity. In parallel ways, the problems occurring between the health service hospitals, physicians and other health workers in the system and health care providers can be turned into a legal dispute.  At this critical point, Health law has been an important field  where some conflicts have to be  tried in search of solution  starting from birth even after death.
In the Health Law Congress,  some topics regarding Law and health will be discussed. These  issues include but   not limited to: 
– Personal data in the field of health
– Medical liability insurance
– Lighting and practice problems
– Alternative methods for physician responsibility
– The future of medical law
– Legal problems  regarding the practice  of assistance in health professions
– Violence in health and the right to withdraw from the service
– Pharmaceutical law
– Palliative medicine
– The jurisprudence of the court on health law

E-Journal of Law hosted by Bezmialem University Dragos Hospital will hold The 1st International Congress on Health Law in Istanbul on 14-16 Dember, 2018. Professionals from about 10 countries with interest in health law such as   physicians, dentists, lawyers and academicians  will be hosted in this  knowledge exchange climate. 
The Works  to be sent to the Congress can be presented  as oral, poster  and virtual presentation.